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RLA GeoSystems specializes in GPS-GIS geopositioning solutions. In our Web site, you will find links to the best GPS, GIS, Mapping and DGPS sites on the Internet, a selection of Trimble and ESRI software and hardware for purchase, GPS and GIS training options, ways to locate anything anywhere, and technical information for surveyors and non-surveyors.

The products we offer include, Trimble's  ProXH/XT/XRS, Geo XH/XT/XM, TerraSync, Recon; ESRI's ArcPad, ArcGIS Extensions, ArcGIS; and Laser Technology.

Dick Lewis, RLA GeoSystem's principal, is a Certified Instructor for Trimble  courses are available. Welcome!
DEALER'S GEOXH 2005 DEMO FOR SALE. We have one GeoXH with TerraSync/PF Office software for sale at a reduced price.  Unit is in excellent working condition. It is on a first come, first serve basis.  If interested, please use the above e-mail link.

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Trimble GPS & ESRI GIS 
            Includes ArcGIS 9.2, ProXH/XT/XRS, GEO XH/XT/XM, Educator Packs.

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Dick's 10 Best GIS Web Sites

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